XTS Pedals

XAct Tone Solutions (XTS) is a company that has been created to develop products and services designed to assist our customers in achieving the absolute best tones available.  The XTS product lines and services deliver professional performance, extraordinary quality, and outstanding value.
The XTS Custom Pedal line is dedicated to delivering the very best custom guitar pedals available today.  All XTS pedals are designed to work with your guitars and amps to craft the ultimate in tonal colors.  The most common description of how XTS pedals sound, feel, and perform is MUSICAL.
The XTS Custom Pedalboards and Integrated Guitar Systems are designed and fabricated to provide each guitarist their signature tone.  From component selection, cable selection, and signal chain configuration, XTS Custom Guitar Systems are crafted to maximize your tone.
At XAct Tone Solutions we are dedicated to building the highest quality gear that is both sturdy and well-designed.  We build in functionality that is not available with off-the-shelf products.  We know that our most important customer is you – and you deserve the highest quality products available that allow you to concentrate on your performance not your equipment.

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