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I grew up in Fullerton Calif., the son of an engineer (my only real idol and the reason I can do this) who worked in aerospace. I've been a gear head all my life with go karts, motorcycles, cars, radios, etc. From an early age, I've always messed around with amps and guitars, and started playing guitar at age 12. In high school my main interests were sports, motorcycles and playing in bands. While in school, I took a job working for Risson Amplifiers under Bob Rissi (ex-Fender amp designer) making power amps.
I met a lot of people, musicians, writers and producers, started to tech for many of the west coast's music makers, and I still do to this day. Repairs went from "fix my amp, tweek my amp, mod my amp" to "hey, you should make your own amps."
My own amps started from the premise "I wish I had an amp that would..." or "I like my blank but wish it would...." Through those kinds of conversations with Rusty Anderson, Lyle Workman, Joel Shearer, Nick Lashley and Corky James, I put together a small amount of amps to fulfill their needs and the needs of other players in my neighborhood. And it just went from there.
I still make my amps one at a time and plan to continue doing so, as I release new models and products.
All the best,
Fred Taccone

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