Bad Cat Amplifiers

Bad Cat Amplifier was founded in 2000 with the singular purpose of building fine guitar tube amplifiers, better than the classics from the golden age. Old school build techniques would be used with assembly, finish, and testing dependent on practiced hands. There would be no compromise in features, material or performance.
As our new models were introduced more players and artists were attracted by the classic lines, dependability, playability, and most of all, the Bad Cat sound.
In turn, demand fueled growth and encouraged continual product improvement. We are constantly challenging ourselves to evolve, be creative, and broaden our horizons while always mindful of delivering extraordinary tone and unmatched customer service. 10 years and 7 Guitar Player Editor's Pick Awards later, the reputation of the Bad Cat brand reflects the original purpose, and Bad Cat is known as a leading manufacturer of premium products. Quality Without Compromise Bad Cat measures success by product quality and customer satisfaction – not sales volume.
The Bad Cat Family is made up of dedicated players who insist that their amplifiers be the best. At Bad Cat, quality will always be paramount and the true measure of success. This ensures a Bad Cat will continue to be the first choice among players.

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