Tone King Amplifiers

He lives inside the box. For over thirty years amp designer and master builder Mark Bartel has focused on nothing but the attainment of vintage tone perfection.
Mark tests and retests countless wood, component and configuration combinations until he hears that magic sound worthy of the name Tone King. Off the shelf parts? Not here. Mark works with USA-based manufacturers to develop custom components that meet his demanding requirements.
Mark’s first amp model, the Imperial, is a trusted small venue standard. His Metropolitan model features Phase-4 power control, a breakthrough technology that ensures consistent tone from 0.1W to 40W, clean or gained up. Mark’s Galaxy model was named among Premier Guitar’s Gear of the Year. His 12W Falcon model, featuring a built-in Ironman attenuator, stole the show at NAMM 2012 and emerged as a category best seller.

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