XTS Precision Multi-Drive Pedal
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XTS Precision Multi-Drive Pedal


$ 249.00



The XTS Precision Multi-Drive is very similar to the Precision Overdrive but gives you even more ways to dial in the exact tone you are looking for with added controls to vary the tonal response and gain structure of the overdrive. With the addition of two toggle switches each player can control whether the pedal is softer with a bit more top end or bold and fat, producing tones more like the west coast overdrive we all know and love.

When the pedal is in the Bite and Edge settings you can approach that ol' British EL-84 bliss. In the Bite setting the EQ is similar to those screamers we have all used at one time or another and the Edge setting gives the pedal a more vintage vibe. In the Fat setting you have low end for days and just the right mix of low-mids; when you flip the pedal into the Punch setting you can really dial in that California overdrive voicing.The XTS Precision Multi-Drive has the same structural design as the Precision Overdrive and is built like a tank and designed to provide guitarists with the ultimate overdrive tool that will last for years.The Precision Multi-Drive pedals are made one at a time by hand to insure the highest quality construction and tonal integrity.


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