Swart Night Light Attenuator
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Swart Night Light Attenuator


$ 199.00

FOUR Position Attenuator - excellent tone • defeatable light bulb filament compression stage w/bulb that lights blue when activated • Bypass for direct  Run TWO SWARTS from output of first • Hand wired  compact size Blue night light glow  unlike any attenuator on the market  Designed to bring the sonics and breakup back to spouse pleasing levels designed for AST, AST PRO, STR-Tweed, STR, Atomic Jr, ST-6V6se  Will work with amps 22w down (30w with bulb compression bypassed) Designed for 4-8ohm Load

Attenuation settings (4 Attenuation Levels)

  • Filament BULB Compression Mode
    This mode runs the attenuated signal through a Swart jewel lamp filament, bringing a subtle tube compression/brown sound goodness.  Ever wonder what your signal sounded like through a light bulb?   You'll be addicted in seconds. NOTE: This switch ONLY works with LEVEL chickenhead at 12oclock 

  • Bypass compression mode
    Removes the light compressor out of the circuit for more natural dynamics. With level at 12oclock, this is least attenuation/highest volume setting.

  • Heavy duty 3 position Switch
    This main chicken head switch allows you to switch between FOUR different attenuation settings.  At first setting, or 12oclock, the NL can cycle between the COMP and DECOMP switch which brings two levels.  DECOMP is least attenuated or loudest setting with COMP position bringing more attenuation via the bulb filament. Turn the switch to 2oclock will bring more attenuation, bypassing the DECOMP/COMP switch. The lowest setting is about the same loudness as your guitar strings.


Special Features

  • Guitar Amp, guitar line level out
    (works in attenuation mode or bypassed)

    - Allows you to send the complete amp signal to another guitar amp. Now you an sound like Jimi in BOLD AS LOVE!  Well, maybe.   You COULD.  Seriously, have you heard two Swarts together?   You should. .

    - You can send the AST effects, reverb and Tremolo to a standard non effects amp. This allows you to run the AST in stereo with another amp sharing the effects between the two amps.

    - With the Night Light it is now possible to get the AST sound into your 200 watt live guitar amp. Just plug the Night Light into the AST; set it to the sound you like and run a line from the Night Light to your 200 watt stack for ear shattering levels. 

    it is now easy to run a Space tone into a AST or a AST into a Space Tone.

  • It's a virtual blue night light show of psychedelic craziness.  And it looks cool.  Keep your 3 yr old entertained till the wee hours. 

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