Dr. Z Z-Drive
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Dr. Z Z-Drive

Dr. Z

$ 275.00

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from the web:

"The z-drive is designed and manufactured by EarthQuaker Devices and available exclusively from all Dr. Z dealers. It is a dual channel light/medium gain overdrive with a universal active 3 band EQ. The germanium side is lighter gain with a more open feel while the mosfet side is higher gain with a tighter response. Each channel has a bass cut toggle to further fine tune and differentiate the tonal response and tailor it to your rig."

The Z-Drive starts with an active global EQ and gives you a choice between two distinct sounding preamp channels (via the channel footswitch). The germanium channel uses NOS germanium diodes and is a lighter more open sounding overdrive. The mosfet channel is a more compressed, higher gain overdrive. Both gain stages use hi-fi OPA 2134 op amps. Because the signal goes through the EQ first, turning the EQ controls clockwise can increase overall gain/distortion.

With the Z-Drive you essentially get two pedals in one. You can use one channel as a cleaner boost and the second channel for full overdrive or dial in overdrive sounds to bring out the different characteristics of each channel. Between the two channels and the full EQ the Z-Drive will open up a world of possibilities while complementing the tone of your amp.


Controls: Germanium channel: drive, level and cut switch. Mosfet channel: drive, level and cut switch. Global EQ: Bass, middle, treble, Channel and Bypass footswitches.

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